Perfecting The Art Of Scissor Cutting

The Hue Academy held a seminar in our area to educate the staff of our barbershop on the art of cutting with scissors. The seminar was led by a highly experienced team of experts who have been practicing in the field of hair and beauty for years. 

They shared their knowledge and experience to help educate the barbershop staff. The seminar was designed to give the staff an indepth understanding of the techniques and methods used to achieve the perfect cut. The experts covered topics such as the correct angle for cutting, the safety of using scissors, and the importance of keeping the hair healthy.

They also discussed the importance of using the correct products and the best methods for styling and maintaining the hair. The barbershop staff also had the opportunity to practice their skills with the help of the experts. Provided handson demonstrations and gave the staff the chance to ask questions and get feedback on their work.


The Hue Academy